When Sue or I forget and do something the “American way” we call that an “American Moment”. I had two such moments today. I got into my vehicle on the left side (the passenger’s side)  and stared at the dashboard wondering what happened to the steering wheel! Fortunately, I’ve remembered to drive on the left […]

At last, we’re back in Swaziland!  We flew from Seattle to London, had a 7 hour lay-over, flew to Johannesburg, South Africa, and then had a 4 1/2 hour drive to Swaziland.  We were tired puppies Thursday night and most of Friday.  But we’re all better now! We’re staying at a Christian Conference Centre while […]

We arrived Swaziland Thursday evening — it was great to return. Enjoyed dinner with the Swaziland Missionary Network. We’re temporarily staying at the Emifini Conference Centre where we accommodate our mission teams from the States. So many changes have taken place since we were last here — it feels like we’re in a familiar but […]

When I go to Heaven, I won’t have to pack for the trip . . . that sounds beautiful to my ears because I hate to pack!  Every time I have to pack, it reminds me of how far I am from a goal I had many years ago.  You see, Everett and Evelyn McKinney […]

We received our final clearance to return to Swaziland . . . we’re excited to leave next Tuesday, August 21!  Thank you for your prayers and financial support to accomplish our mission!